Today's reality

Growing global awareness regarding the importance of natural ingredients, some essential and others beneficial for our health, is rapidly increasing. This awareness pushes the demand for volume and quality. Global awareness demands improvements and transparency in the quality control of global (food) sources. The result is various restrictions that jeopardize the current demand versus supply. We will be in the desireable position that we do not have to explain what is simply not there, and we can prove it.


Due to the integration of Iceland conditions into our newly engineered systems, Omega Algae will be able to produce on a 24/7 basis 365 day's a year. Being able to address and nihilate all current market constrains our systems are competitive and profitable, securing the future maintenance of a solid and continuous developing organisation, able to adapt quickly to any change or increase of demand.


Raw nature supplies the country with sustainable natural energy sources which are clean and highly beneficial to an energy intensive company. Raw nature also supplies natural and non-polluted water which is a very valuable basic element in our process of growing the highest quality of Algae, enabling us to anticipate on he growing global quality demand regarding clean and responsible end-products.

Heating is supplied by the thermal springs and can be obtained directly from the source. There are no CO2 emissions, on the contrary, growing algae is a CO2 absorbing process which is also locally sourced and supplied by nature. All residual materials are of an organic nature and will be absorbed by current industries in Iceland. The awareness and importance of making the wright responsible choices result in a company with a negative carbon footprint., supporting the global drive to improve the quality of life on our planet.

Customer driven

The foundation of the organization is based on customer requirements, meaning; choosing, growing and developing Algae based ingredients focussing on future markets and customers.

Supported by global leading scientists and engineers, we aim to match the expectations of a fast moving market and offer tomorrows requirements.