About Us

Company drivers

Raw nature supplies Omega Algae with energy sources that are highly beneficial to the effectiveness of our processes. Thermal energy, natural heat sources and the presence of clear and non-polluted water are valuable basic elements necessary to effectively grow algae. The increase in global awareness of the importance towards health benefits, quality and sustainability has increased demand for algae ingredients.

In addition to what nature supplies, Omega Algae is supported by a strong entrepreneurial mentality, world leading technology in growing and processing algae, and innovative engineering maximizing the control of all variables essential to the processes.

The ability to fully control all essential variables enables us to produce on a predictable 24/7 schedule, offering the markets very competitive conditions, highest quality, flexibility, reliability and security of supply.

The main focus is to supply what the markets need tomorrow by tailor made selection of specific algae strains for stakeholders in the Nutrition, Pharmaceutical , Beverages and Pet Food industry.

Combining the above with an overall healthy working mentality and down-to-earth attitude, equals a very competitive organization that welcomes all initiatives to talk about future possibilities.