Status & News

We are proud to announce that the Omega Algae development-facility has been up and running for 3 years improving and anticipating towards the upscale to phase 2.


Two years of engineering and several years of trials and improvements has now materialised in a innovative system, able to challenge the future supply of Omega fatty acids. We want to enable future customers and end-users to anticipate on tomorrows possibilities. We are open to enable stakeholders to be part of the development cycles, discussing tailor-made solutions.

Taking time for development and improvements will enable us to launch against high yields and quality levels and relatively premium price-quality ratios.

The flexibility of the systems create possibilities for tailor-made solutions, based on customer/end market specific demands which can be implemented in our development/innovation facility.

Due to the confidentiality of our development, future publications will be selectively communicated. After verification of parties incentives we will share actual information.

We are interested to be challenged by future customers and market stakeholders..